Premium Quality Cymbals Handcrafted In Turkey



Traditional hand hammered cymbal craft cherished trough centuries



Discover the whole universe of tones born under fine touch of a master



The highest quality B20 bronze alloy is used for every our cymbal


B20 Bronze

Decades of experience and outstanding skills produce masterpieces



Find the brightest, the darkest, the driest, and the sweetest tones


Of Your Drumset




FX and Holey Cymbals

Artist Signature

Artist Support Friendly

Tonum Cymbals are open for lot’s of great drummers all arroung the globe and we’d love to collaborate with and give recognition to new artists!

Rising Stars Wanted!

A special Endorsement opportunity called Local Artist Support Program is available for rising talents and drummers with smaller outreach, who would like to start a partnership with us together.

Kareem Headley
Ashley Merritt
Adam Mansfield
Quan Bottoms
Lawrence Moses
Edward Heyward
Joshua Johnson
Dontrell Johnson
Dominique Campbell
Juan Mejias
Gabriel Franklin
Savon King
Robert Ruales
Cornelius Roberson
Piom Apolipper
Temmy Edwards
Luke Stroud
Mirna Ayshoa
Brieuc Dharréville
Devonte Tommie
Matheus Wesley
Warlley Marley
Lucas Ezequiel dos Santos
Stefan Caldwell
Adrian Soto
Kareem Smith
Joe Curtis-Leveridge
Dontrail Wright
Edwin Williams
Reginald Reddick
Ivan Heredia
Byron Lattimore
Keldric James
Ivan De Francesco
Wallace Smith
Renan Augusto
Amilo McKnight
Tuan Purser
Michael Ryan
Arnaud Liatard
Damond Barbee
Harry McNally
Andre Alexandre
Luc Smela
Kincherlow Jones
Kareem Smith
Brandon Riley
Andrew Conroy
Nathan Faure
Jun Lerou
Igor Riabtsev
Elijah Ellis
Malik Scott
Luis Cetta
Andre Cantagalli
Sakis Moisidis
Joshua Sanchez
Yoeri Gemeen
Gabe Jacobsen
Paul Uhrina
Bogdan Movchan
Kevin Aleksander Lucio Pereira
Volodymyr Malyts
Zachary Shawwaf
Jontrevious Glover
Damon Atwater
Roman Nazarkevych

Premium Quality Handcrafted Cymbals

Tonum is a brand of premium quality handcrafted cymbals made by some of the best-in-class cymbalsmiths. All cymbals are exclusively made out of high purity B20 bronze alloy, 100% handcrafted, tested and selected by experienced quality control masters at the production line in Istanbul, Turkey.

Traditonal Turkish Cymbals are being reimagined in our minds in order to create excellent professional product but keep it affordable for drummer at any level of budget. Get the right tone of your cymbals with Tonum.

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