About Us

EUROPE based

As a brand we’re based in Lviv, Ukraine, from where all the management, marketing and communication goes

Handcrafted In Turkey

All the manufacturing and production process is done at one of the most respectable cymbal factory in Turkey

Shipped Worldwide

We Deliver our cymbals to drummers all around the globe. Go for your personal Tonum set now, expand your musicality!

Why Tonum Cymbals?


Outstanding Quality

Tonum are premium quality handcrafted cymbals made by some of the best-in-class cymbalsmiths. All cymbals are exclusively made out of high purity B20 bronze alloy, 100% handcrafted, tested and selected by experienced quality control masters at the production line in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Variety Of Tone Options

We offer lots of different cymbal tone options within wide range of product series, FX-cymbal patterns and sizes. We are always customer oriented in terms of what we offer, so every drummer will find the best cymbal tone for their style of drumming and musical application. Our range of models and series is being constantly updated due to ongoing research and development.

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Artist Support Friendly

Tonum Cymbals are open for lot’s of great drummers all arroung the globe and we’d love to collaborate with and give recognition to new artists!

A special Endorsement opportunity called Local Artist Support Program is available for rising talents and drummers with smaller outreach, who would like to start a partnership with us together.

Multiple Set Configurations

We offer a great variety of set configurations available for any series we have. Pre-defined set costs less than total value of the cymbals included, which is always great for saving budget! Drummers are free to combine different weights within the set and besides that they are able to switch the type of cymbal from regular to perforated (holey) one if available.

Custom Design Cymbals

Got any ideas on your own unique sound? Wanna sometheing that nobody has ever seen, touched and played? Let’s make it up together. Tonum Cymbals are open for custom design and look orders: from your own logo/singnature printed/laser engraved to completely custom made cymbal taylored to your vision and desired sound requirements.

Cymbal Bags Of Any Size

Wanna 25″ or even 30″ cymbal but there is nothing you can carry it in? No problem at all with Tonum Cymbals. We coulple our cymbals with fine quality robust cymbal bags of any size. No more limits for cymbal size anymore, feel free to have your favourite sound by your side at a gig! Great cymbals need great cymbal bags.

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