Tonum Cymbals Endorsement Program is a way of cooperation between artist and a company that will drive benefits to both. Artist will play the instrument that fully expresses their voice. Company will expand its recognition and gain more sales involving other drummers.

In order to implemet this mutual empowering we’d like to see among our endorsers people with certain background and profile, people who are talented, who have unique character and their own drumming voice, who able to influence others to buy our products.

What Makes You A Desired Artist:

- Your popularity and outreach as a musician

- Your influence as a drummer and/or educator

- Your media, television, studio, video and movie credits

- Participation in tours and gigs with high visibility

- Significant number of CD, vinyls, and online platform music sales

- Number of hit songs, videos, gigs and performances you've been involved on Social Media

- Other endorsements

Depending on professional, personal qualities and the intensity of infuence among other drummers, we may offer coresponding Endorsement Level to our Artist in order to support their career and expand the outreach.

No doubt  that musicality, professionalism, influence and outreach of artist are key factors for endorsement collaboration, but the most important thing is to really love Tonum products and believe they absolutelly fit your musical and aestetical needs.

You can trully endorse and be endorsed by something you genuinely like and understand.


Most of times drummer has to already use and know Tonum products in order to become an endorser.

Local Artist Support Program

Is endorsement available for famous pro drummers only? No! That’s where Tonum Cymbals really differs from most of other brands. We are happy to offer a special endorsement solution for rising talents.

Local Artist Support Program is the first important step to big and fruitfull collaboration between the artist and the company. Get a quote and find out what collaboration opportunities are open to you right now!

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    Please do not inquire regards the status of your application via email, social media or other contacts. We’re receiving quite a number of applications weekly, so the time is needed to process all the requests.